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Session 19.1: So you like your trusts… quirky…

With Peter Slegers, CTA, Cowell Clarke

Not all trusts look the same, and many trusts do not fit the description of a “standard” discretionary trust or unit trust.

This session will highlight non-routine trusts and bespoke trust powers.  It will consider customisation of trust deeds and powers, applicable trust law issues, and what pitfalls need to be avoided.

The session will include:

  •  Controller Trusts – protecting inter-generational wealth;
  •  Hybrid trusts including class trusts and discretionary unit trusts;
  •  Testamentary trust variations and limitations;
  •  Superannuation proceeds trusts;
  •  How to structure a "fixed trust" (if that is ever possible); and
  •  Sub-trusts - UPEs and their creation.
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