The Tax Summit
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Session 16.1: Tax implications of relationship breakdown

With Charis Liew, CTA, William Buck; Todd Want, CTA, William Buck

An understanding of the potential tax issues is essential to managing property settlements following relationship breakdowns. Tax can directly impact both the starting value of the property pool and also the parties’ ultimate financial positions after the assets have been divided. This session will cover some of the key aspects, including:

  •   The CGT rollovers that may be available to the parties and the implications of applying them;
  •   Tax implications of transferring some specific classes of assets, such as main residences and small            business assets;
  •   Assets held in family trusts or companies and the problems (or opportunities) that they present; 
  •   Superannuation splitting; and 
  •   How to factor the potential tax implications into the division of assets.
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